Metabolic Testing

The lab is equipped with three metabolic carts: two Medgraphics ULTIMA CPX System and a Cosmed Quark RMR/CPT System. The ULTIMA includes integrated measurements of EKG and blood pressure at rest and during exercise. Both systems allows for accurate measurement of resting metabolic rate and maximal aerobic capacity. For exercise testing and aerobic exercise models, the APL is equipped with a custom high-speed treadmill, four Precor general purpose treadmills, a Lode Excaliber Sport cycle ergometer. Other measurement devices include wireless cardiac output (Physioflow Enduro) and wireless EKG/Respiration (Biopac). The Quark system has been modified to allow for the use of hypoxic and hyperoxic gas mixes during exercise testing. These facilities are used for subject screening as well as experimental model testing. Using the Cosmed Quark RMR, we are also able to complete very accurate measures of resting metabolic rate (RMR)