Multiplex Protein

Multiplex detection and measurement of up to 500 protein or protein kinase targets is a core component of the APL. Testing focuses on serum, dry blood spots (DBS), tissue culture supernants, and/or tissue lysates. Given the unique nature of sample preparation required for each sample type, equipment is available for filtration (vacuum and centrifugal) and concentration (Savant Speed Vac) of biological samples.

Supporting equipment is available for the measurement of total protein concentration (Direct Detect NIR spectroscopy), bead-based multiplex analysis (Luminex LX200 and FlexMap 3D), and low concentration single-molecule detection (MilliporeSigma SMCxPro). For high-throughput processing, the lab is also equipped with a semi-automated sample processing. Raw data files are analyzed offline using Milliplex Analyst software at a dedicated workstation computer.